The Criteria

While we'd love to auction as many properties as possible, we work with real estate agents to first determine if this method of sale is a good option for the home. What makes a property a good candidate for an auction?

Here are some factors to consider (note: not all of these factors have to be met to make a property auction-worthy):

  • is the home in a high demand area that typically receives multiple offers?
  • does the home appeal to a broad range of prospective buyers?
  • does the seller have interest in exploring the auction method?
  • does the seller have a tight timeline to sell?
  • are the seller's price expectations in line with the market value?

Once we determine if the home is suited for an auction, we will work with agents to put together the auction page. Agents can provide us with unlimited photos, videos, attachments and descriptions to create the most interactive and informative destination for prospective buyers to review details about the home. An auction date and time is set and we go live to the world as soon as the real estate agent and their seller is ready. Typically the auction page goes live the same day as the home is listed on MLS, but we have the ability to upload the auction page anytime. The home is marketed and advertised the same way as you would expect - the home can still be listed on MLS and showings are facilitated through the listing brokerage. Any leads that come through the auction page are automatically directed to the listing agent as well.

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